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Let Skinner Classics Restore Your Classic Bus! With the number of restorations we have done over the years and the awards we have won, there are many reasons you can trust us to turn your vision into a drivable reality. It’s obvious why working with Skinner Classics provides the best care for your beloved bus.

Our passion is to do it right and to stand behind the professional quality we provide. Nothing makes us happier than that day when we hand you the keys to your new/old bus and see the look on your face when the dream you had in your imagination comes to life. Contact the professionals at Skinner Classics to discuss your next project.

Together we’ll make the moves to get your classic VW bus restoration on the road! Now the next step is yours. We have a great collection of buses, parts, and stories to go with over 30 years of know how and passion. Don’t hesitate…call or come by Skinner Classics Today! Skinner Classics VW Bus Restoration is your shop for classic VW Bus restorations. (707) 449-4200.

Open Monday Thru Friday ( 8:00 A.M.- 5:00 P.M.)